Euro Alliance goes to APR (April 2014)


To say the least, this trip was a blast! We had Victor, Colby, and Dave from APR show us around Auburn’s night life Friday night, had one too many drinks, and goofed off for a great time. The next day we cruised over to the APR facility and got to walk around the whole place, including the new addition to the already large facility, and got a private tour which left us in awe and definitely increased the appreciation of the products we all use. To finish off this awesome trip, we had a BBQ where Victor grilled some delicious burgers and brats before we all headed back home. We’d like to say thank you APR for the hospitality and the time to show us around and teach us more about the products you make and the parts we all love.


APR Euro Alliance

So the site hasn’t been updated in a while. That’s a thing, but we’re making some changes and bringing it back with even more info and functionality. Helping make those changes to the site is Christopher ‘Pumpkin’ Hasty and Lucas Sreter, they are new Admins but have been part of the group since the beginning. As I’m sure you can see, we’ve already started to make some changes to places like the About the Club, Events and EA Rides page. Coming soon: Design updates, Photographer Photo-Blogs for the photographers that are part of the group, info linked to the EA Fan Page, and much more.

2013 was amazing, and 2014 is already off to a crazy start.

I want to congratulate the group for showing up to the past 3 shows, EuroFest 2014 down in Sebring, EuroTripper 2 in Estero, FL where we rolled about 18 cars deep (Which is impressive for a 3 and a half our trip) and the local show that LKQ put on: EuroJam 2014. We had over 47 Euro Alliance cars show up and dominate the show. We even had a sweet booth.

EA club challenge

EuroJam 2014 EA BoothSo keep an eye out for more updates and more features! In the mean time, I’ll leave you with some more pix.

EuroFest 2014



FiXXfest 2013LCL FiXXfest 10 (2) LCL FiXXfest 10 LCL limbo


FiXXfest 3 FiXXfest 10



Preparation for FiXXfest 2013


Its almost here! 1 more week and we will descend on Bradenton Motorsports Park for FiXXfest 2013.  (FiXXfest Official Website)

So the plan so far is to roll out to Fixxfest at 9am from the Best Buy at the Millenia Mall. Keep in mind, we will be leaving AT 9am, so get there before hand if you don’t want to be left behind.

Best Buy – Millenia Mall
4155 Millenia Blvd
Orlando, FL 32839

If you have any questions, jump on Facebook and ask in the group, but this one is pretty straight forward: Meet up. Roll Out (Optimus Voice)

EA’s Dyno Day & BBQ – 5/5/12

Hey hombre, ¿qué tan rápido es tu coche?

Muy rápido… Muy rápido

What did you do on your Cinco de Mayo this year? What? You didn’t show up to the Dyno Day and BBQ at Performance Race Solutions? Well how about I show you what you missed?

May 5th 2012 started off just like any other Saturday, people awoke to find that they weren’t 100% sure how much horsepower and torque their cars made. This is a travesty of the highest degree, and as such we were left with no choice but to gather this muy importante información so that no other Saturday would go by with such a level of confusion.

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EA’s New Smyrna Beach Drive II – 4/29/12

On Sunday April the 29th at 11:00AM a group of driving enthusiasts gather at the Autozone in Bithlo, FL. What are these people gathering for you might ask yourself as you drive by and see the multi-colored stable of European cars (And one Domestic)? The answer you would soon find out, is that they are ready to embark on the Euro Alliance – New Smyrna Beach Drive which runs from this lonesome Bithlo Autozone all the way to New Smyrna Beach with a stop in the middle to visit a some what famous local diner. Whats so special about this drive? Well my friend, the special part of this drive, is that we take the long way.

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Club Schedule – 2012

New Club Schedule!

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site, but in that time we’ve had a slight change in how we do things and what our schedule is actually like. As of right now we are holding weekly meets at the Smokey Bones across from the Fashion Square mall. People start showing up at around 7:45pm – 8:00pm, we meet up, hang out and then go grab some food at Smokey Bones. We have a 15% discount as a club, so as long as you talk to me before hand (Adam) then I can get you setup with that. If you come out and don’t want to eat, not a problem, most people who come in end up just grabbing a drink or some sort of desert while we all chat and hang out. After we’re done eating we head back outside and usually chill until around 11:00pm or so, there isn’t any set time that we stay until, just when people start heading out.

Everyone is welcome out, just realize that we are a bunch of Euro Car enthusiasts, so we talk quite a bit about European Cars… but all are welcome!

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill
3400 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL
Colonial Landing
(407) 894-1511 ‎ ·

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Hope to see you out there!!!

The Euro Alliance

This past months autocrossing was awesome… HOT as hell, but awesome… we have some pix below that were taken by Chris ‘Pumpkin’ Hasty. So a huge shout out to him for doing some great work.

 And don’t forget to hit up the Events section to see the other events and activites we’ll be doing!

- FiXXXerX